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Both Kilburn brothers participated in the Civil War. They were there December 13, 1862, at The Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia. The Army of the Potomac under Gen. Burnside suffered a costly defeat with a loss of 12,653 men after 14 frontal assaults on well entrenched Rebels on Marye's Heights. "We might as well have tried to take hell," a Union soldier remarks. Confederate losses are 5,309. "It is well that war is so terrible - we should grow too fond of it," states Confederate General Lee during the fighting.


You could say that Ben and Edward were quite more fortunate than the men that had to be buried the days after the battle.

Photographed by one of Mathew B. Brady’s photographers.

Published by E. & H. T. Anthony.


“Burial of dead at Fredericksburg, Va.”


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