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They made thousands of views… All their friends and relatives were present in numerous stage set views… They portrayed the famous… But yet, how did they look themselves?

Well, from a number of photographers there are quite a lot of portraits available. Some of them were also part of a stereoview scene, that was photographed by one of their associates. But a few apparently had total lack of exhibitionism, and seem to have no face at all.


Stereoviewheaven searched through heaven to find them. 


Next month we will present our finds to you. We start with two giants: Ben Kilburn and the Underwood brothers. Their personal portraits are shown to you, as well as some fine views and stories. Just click below!






Ben Kilburn





Underwood & Underwood


If you want to contribute a portrait to this section of our site, you’re welcome! Just contact us at info@stereoviewheaven.com and we’ll get back to you.


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