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You will know that - sometimes - what humans do is “not always completely corresponding with the expectations of decent behaviour”. I am not talking about you and me of course, but about all the others!..

We have an expression that says: “you’re not a beast, so act like a human!”

This expression is sometimes misunderstood by the real beasts. And then you get what you see below!


                                                                  James Hurst 1870: The Bar – where Justice is dispensed with   

                                                                                                                        Keystone 1897: A Social Glass


There’s a 1850’s French series of remarkable stereoviews, in which human characteristics are represented in animal facial features. These views were made after a series of 70 lithographs, made in 1829 and 1829, and called Les Métamorphoses du Jour (Daily Metamorphoses). The artistic genius behind those lithos was Jean Ignace Isodore Gérard (1803-1847). He was a French caricaturist, generally known by the pseudonym of J. J. Grandville.

The lithos are very witty. And ingenious. And ironical. And critical. They are highly effective in giving the message of who we are... And strikingly, the stereoviews of the rebuilt plaster scenes reinforce all that even more! Just look for yourself!

This is the original lithograph by Grandville >  k


 And this is the 1850’s life-like stereoview remake. It is just a true terrifying, exact copy of the scene!

 Ne m’avalez pas! (Don’t swallow me!)


 La Canicule (The Heat is On)


 Attends attends petit matou (You wait, little kat)

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Another famous name - as for plaster diorama stereoviews - is Pierre Adolph Hennetier. He is well-known as one of the sculptors of the diorama “Diablerie” scenes, showing the devil with it’s many skeletton friends.

This is another of his creations, showing a civilized bear familie on a walk through the woods. A great tissue stereoview.



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