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The views below are called “animé”-views. They look like stereoviews, but basicaly they are not. An animé view has two different scenes. Each view shows one part of a movement. You could say this is similar to the reel of photos that are part of the mutoscope system. But now there’s a sequence of only two different images.

When you view this through a stereocope just wink your left and right eye succesively. Then the image will be moving, exactly like in the mutoscope.


Okay, enough explaining. Here are the views:


   The only known specific “animé” views, come from a French series. This is no. 17


   From the same series. No. 13


   This is a (genuine) old copy view, most likely taken from the same French series.


If you are curious how this will look when you follow the instructions above, just click each view and you will see three great home-made animations!


So the next time you see a view with two different scenes, don’t say it’s not correct. Perhaps it’s an animé view!.... We give you some practice right away. Sometimes it is hard to say whether it’s a false stereoview or a right animé view. For example the view below.


This is a Gabler view of Switzerland. It’s quite the same scene. The only difference is the man that is leaning on the wall. He is turning his head. When “viewed” through the sterescope as an animé view the scene stays the same, but the man is turning his head!

Gabler isn’t known as a man with a great sense of humor, but perhaps he was in the mood during this shooting. His darkroom carriage can be seen just on the other side of the tunnel. Drifting along on our exaggerated imagination, the man standing on the left could be the photographer who is greeting his costumers. Click the view and say hello too.


Well now, enough of that nonsense. Go to another department!



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