Probably one of the most know series of stereoviews is about “The New French Maid”. It’s a real masterpiece of nice Victorian hypocritical drama:

…there a good looking new French maid in the mansion,

…the master of the house can’t keep his hand off her,

…the mistress of the house discovers this unfaithful behavior,

…you would mildly advise: divorce him!!! sue him!!! and reduce that adulterous acorn to beggary!!!

…but, instead she fires the maid and replaces her by a new one,

…one that has other color (wrong!) or “other qualities rather than her specific physical presence”,

…and they live happily ever after.


This story has been photographed and published by many companies. We made close ups of the girls featuring in seven different issues.

First – in our special virtual stereoviewheaven view presentation - you can meet those girls, that successively played the leading parts in this stunning drama. Then click the link at the end of this page and go to the performance itself. And see two of them act!





















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