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Here is a complete Keystone Home Training Stereoscopic Set “1040 Alpha Service”, with no. 50 stereoscope in very nice collectable condition. This set contains a stereoviewer, 11 card training set, instruction booklet. All in a complete and original sturdy green box.




In the 1940’s and 50’s this set was used when your eyes had “fusion” problems. That is when both eyes can’t put the image of each eye together in one. You’re seeing double or unclear.

And Susan Susman had such a problem! She was the user of this set.



In this booklet she made notes about her progress. She started with the easy cards (images are already close together) and worked her way up to the difficult cards (images are at quite a distance). This is a set with a personal history !



We show you only 3 of the 11 views. Want to see more? Then feel free to mail us at info@stereoviewheaven.com. We will gladly send you scans of all the views.





Price: SOLD    

Condition: Very nice set. Small damage on the paperwork. Viewer is perfect. Cards are very good, some minor wrinkles here and there.

Ordering number: B008



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