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Here is a very nice find. These are lithographical stereoviews from Sunbeam Tours. This is an early 1900’s UK publisher.

Pictures have great 3D and show 36 scenes from London Zoo. A leaflet with a description of the first 12 views is enclosed.


 This shows the fancy backside on each view


We selected some very nice ones, which are shown below. Would you want to see more – or even all 36 – views, just ask through info@stereoviewheaven.com. We will be happy to make scans and show them to you!


 #25. Baby Crocodile


 #22. Hippo Yawning


 #18. Llama four-in-hand


 #36. Joy Riding


 #5. Young Orang-Outang


Condition: Very nice. The thin cardboard views show slight wear along the edges. The box has slight wear too, but is in very good sturdy condition.

Price: SOLD.

Order number: B002


Can’t wait to order? Just contact us at info@stereoviewheaven.com right now!



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