What do you do when you want to take a picture of a very nice spot? You take two shots! Or three. Or even four. Just to be sure you catch the right moment and get a sharp negative. Nowadays the “creative art director’s team” gets together in a brainstorm session and chooses the one and only perfect shot out of all these negatives. And that’s the one that will be used in all presentations.

The early publisher didn’t bother all that creative humbug. He just used all the negatives! This means that from one scene there might be up to 10 (!) slightly different shots put into circulation.


We collect some of these “same-scene-different-negative” views (yes indeed, we tend to exaggerate). In the views below each two different negatives were compiled into one view.


It’s up to you to find the differences!




Isn’t this nice? Almost exactly the same poses. But there is one difference to see!

This is view number one of a two view story. It says: “Miss Birdie had a pleasant

 dream one day –“ Click HERE  to see how this theatrical masterpiece ends!



Slight movement on all three figures. We would say the guy in the left image is

showing his pelvis a bit too obtrusive. Or is this just our perverted mind?

And yes, we think the cat is stuffed.



The girl didn’t move an inch between shots. But the darn chickens wouldn’t stand still!



Well. And what do we have here!! Some forbidden fruit!!  Left you see a nice tinted

original print of those tempting gals. The right one is a cheap (pirated) reprint and

obviously colored by a house painter that was just giving the porch a nice fresh repaint.

We guess the tall standing girl had to do a pee between two shots. And with all those

dresses that takes some time. So when she was done they had probably forgotten

 the original set up.  



This is one of a 6 view story about a guy that has to go to war for Queen and Country.

He gets wounded and the view shows him “In a field Hospital on the Tugela River”.

There are obvious differences between both views.

But why did they remove (or add) the magazines?  



See any differences. No? Neither do we! Only the tinting differs. Seems to us that

 the painter of the right image lived somewhere close to the Mexican border!



This bored cupid moved from one place to another, next to the fireplace



Early view. Both backsides say: “The Political Barber”

In the right (original) image there’s an advertising sign below the clock. In the left

(pirated) image it’s behind the barber’s back. The sign says: “J.J. Batsford &Sons”

“Persian Liquid Hair ....“ Obviously it was removed from one side to another between

both shots, but the clock still gives exactly 18.52 hours. So the clock doesn’t work!

“Great deduction, Watson!” 


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