So you actually think you can handle


a REAL ghost story?


Okay. But it’s all at your own risk. Sit tight.

This is the sad story about Sam Dawson.


Sam Dawson was a young, proud, hardworking and god fearing engineer on a big steam locomotive, somewhere in the late 1800’s.  And Sam had a girlfriend. Mary Holmes. She was the French maid at Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed’s residence, down in Littleton New Hampshire.





Here you see them both in their happy days.  Sam had only one slight problem. He suffered from jealousy. Like here, when he got the idea the camera’s lens was busy flirting. But be honest! Wouldn’t you be careful when you had such a lovely girl like Mary?


Anyway. Every Friday evening Sam dressed up neat and drove up to the Newlywed’s residence. He parked his locomotive around the back (yes he had some sense of humor too) to meet his girlfriend at her work. And every Friday evening he took her downtown to see Doctor Watson’s fabulous Laterna Magica.

Our Sam became really close to the family. So for some time he didn’t have to ring at the door anymore. He could just take the servants entrance without any announcement.

But after that one Friday night on September 24, 1871, he wished he didn’t! He entered the house and called for his Mary. Instead of her usual cheerful reply ( “aah mon cherie zere is you I am cumming” ), he heard some chuckling and giggling noises in the next room. With a big smile on his face he opened the door……. and then….... his breath froze in his chest..….. his heart just broke in two !!  HE FOUND HIS MARY IN THE ARMS OF MR NEWLYWED! That, that, that, that slimy, stinking, rotten cockroach of a Newleywed !!! And what’s more – God forbid it  - the local Singley guy was making dirty pictures of it !!!!!!!



 Photo by B.L. Singley from Littleton



Sam was totally upset and with a dense mist before his eyes he ran off the premises. Mary hurried after him and shouted ”Sam it’s only his birthday today” ! But Sam didn’t listen. He kept on running and got to the only thing he could trust in life. His train. He poked up the engine’s kettle and drove in great speed along the iron road. He just wanted to get away. Far way. As far as he could. As fast as he could. He put more coal on the fire. And more coal. And more coal. And then - just over the Massachusetts border near Lowell - Sam’s train madly hit upon the end of another train. The locomotive’s steam boiler exploded. 28 people were killed. Including Sam. But he got no rest!



 Photo by  N.C. Sanbarn from Lowell



When you look sharp – on the right side of the images - you will see the ghost of Sam Dawson. Just after the disaster he roamed around his locomotive and faced the annihilation he had caused…

Damn you Sam Dawson!!! Never will you have any rest! Every Friday night you will ride your ghost train! Frightening people. And warning them about were stupid jealousy can bring a man! 


And so folks – every Friday night - a terrifying ghost train rumbles through the night.



Tissue view from an unknown maker



Screeching brakes enflame the railroad. A howling sound makes people hide under their beds, they, they, they….. Sorry? 

You do not see a train? That’s because it’s still early in the evening. Click  < HERE >  and find out what happens around midnight!




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