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View: Unknown French photographer. This is likely the end of a duel. One man is hurt and is laying on the ground. The other one stands with a foil in his hand. They look like French army men to us.††††

Grade: 7.  Cream flat mount stereoview. 1870-1880ís we guess.

Price: $ 45

Ordering number: UN01



View: Photograph by L.J., likely French. Very old genre view of a woman showing her ankles.†††

Grade: 6/7.  White flat mount stereoview with gold-like print on the card. Quite old, 1860ís we guess.

Price: $ 25

Ordering number: UN02



View: Photograph by F., a French photographer. Small backside label says: ď86. Le Caporal et la PayseĒ (the corporal and the farm girl).††††

Grade: 7.  Green flat mount stereoview with gold-like print on the card. Quite old, 1860ís we guess.

Price: $ 30

Ordering number: UN03



View: Unknown photographer, likely French. Old genre view of a courting couple.†††

Grade: 6/7.  Red/brown flat mount stereoview. Quite old. 1870ís we guess.

Price: $25

Ordering number: UN04



View: Unknown, probably European maker. These three women are playing cards and one of them is cheating.

Grade: 7.  Grey flat mount. Quite old, 1850-60ís we guess. Low contrast matt images. Stain (dirt) at the right side of the image. Looks like a salt print to us, but we are not sure. Not a regular print, thatís for sure.

Price: $35

Ordering number: UN05



View: Unknown English photographer. This is Mr. S. Palethorpe. He gave this to his master or - even more interesting - his mistress in 1861, as stated on the back of this view. Click < here > to see the backside.††††

Grade: 7.  Cream flat mount stereoview from 1861.

Price: $ 45

Ordering number: UN06



View: This is a normal sized relief stereo card. There is a pair of small sized stereo photo images attached to it. Unknown photographer and publisher, probably French (thatís where we purchased it). Picture shows three men resting. One of them is holding a pair of binoculars in his hand. What?! You canít see that?! Are your eyes that bad! Well then, just click < here > and see better.

Grade: 8.  Flat gray mount view (late 1800/early 1900ís?). Clean images, with a few stains on the mount. Light albumin print.† Quite an unusual and special card!

Price: $ 25

Ordering number: UN07



View: French photographer, likely (talented) amateur. Men at the menís club or just gathering in a bar.

Grade: 9.  Cream mount. Late 1800ís we guess. Mount has some spots, but pictures are clean. This view is very special because of itís extraordinary detailed 3D. The glasses on the table, the packed of tobacco, the right guyís mustacheÖ.all there to touch! This is really unusual!†

Price: $35

Ordering number: UN08


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