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Views showing streetscenes, buildings and interiors




View: Great Western View Co. View says below right: “Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.” There’s a tramway to see.  

Grade: 8.  Cream curved mount stereoview, 1890’s/early 1900’s. Only very slight general wear.

Price: $ 45

Ordering number: USA501



View: B.W. Kilburn from Littleton N.H. View says below right: “5387. La Salle Street, showing Tacoma Building, Chicago, Illinois, USA.”

Grade: 7/8.  Cream curved mount stereoview, 1890. Only slight general wear.

Price: $ 30

Ordering number: USA502



View: H.C. White from New York. View says below rigt: “10381. In the heart of the fire district, Continental Building (left)and B & O (right) South from Post Office, Baltimore, USA.”

Grade: 8/9.  Grey curved mount stereoview, 1904. Hardly any wear.

Price: $ 45

Ordering number: USA503



View: Unknown photographer. View says handwritten (in French): “Source Saratoga Amerique”. This is Saratoga Springs in New York State USA.  

Grade: 6/7.  Flat yellow mount stereoview, 1870’s. Some users wear long both lower sides of the mount. Very small piece of surface loss at the upper right of the right image. Great 3D.

Price: $ 15

Ordering number: USA504



View: Unknown photographer. This is Oberlin College (Ohio). Founded in 1833 and good for Arts, Science and Music. What you see here is the “Ladies Hall”, completed in 1865 and destroyed by fire on January 9, 1886.  When viewed, you see a lot of people walking around the building and standing on the roof balcony.  Building looks spic and span, so this could be close around 1865.

Grade: 5.  Flat gray cabinet mount 1860-70’s. Big stain on the left, but great to view in perfect 3D.

Price: $ 25

Ordering number: USA505



View: James Cremer, Photographer and Publisher from Philadelphia. “Independence Hall or State House, Philadelphia”. Description on the backside.

Grade: 8. Flat light orange mount view 1870’s. Slight dirt and some corner damage down right.

Price: $ 20

Ordering number: USA506



View: Photographed by Johnson from Washington DC, the “only authorized published of Mt. Vernon Views”. Backside label says: “Washington’s Room, Mount Vernon Mansion. Showing the Bedstead on which he died, December 14, 1799. Copyright by the Mount Vernon Association.”

Grade: 7/8. Orange flat mount stereoview, 1870’s. A very nice view with only slight wear.

Price: $ 20

Ordering number: USA507



View: American Scenery “1862. Mississippi Steamer <Redwing>” This is a fantastic view with really astonishing 3D!. Above each table hangs some sort of chandelier, which is wired with weights to prevent them from dangling. And besides each table there is a cuspidor, for some nice spitting. Eight at the row!!

Grade: 7-.  Flat light-yellow mount pirated view from the 1870’s.  Images are sharp and in very nice condition, but the mount has some damage and discoloring at the upper left side.

Price: $ 20

Ordering number: USA508



View: John P. Soule of Boston. “Dining Hall, Glenn House NH”

Grade: 7-  Orange flat mount view 1870-80’s. Some general wear and damage at the corners.

Price: $ 20

Ordering number: USA509



View: Unknown Photographer. “Standard Series”, which probably means these are pirated views from the 1880’s or 1890’s.  View says: “Senate Chamber, Washington D.C.”

Grade: 8.  Cabinet sized cream stereoview 1880-1890’s.  Slight wear, clean images in great 3D.

Price: $ 25

Ordering number: USA510


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