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Americans having fun



View: H.C. White from New York. View says below right: “8484. Sunday School Scholars singing America before the Louisiana Purchase Monument, St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, USA”.  

Grade: 8/9.  Grey curved mount stereoview 1904. Hardly any wear.

Price: $ 35

Ordering number: USA301



View: B. W. Kilburn from Littleton, N.H. View says below right: “11408. Happy Children by the Sea, Atlantic City.”

Grade: 9.  Cream curved mount stereoview 1896. Hardly any wear.

Price: $ 30

Ordering number: USA302




View: H. C. White from New York. View says below right: “9912. Inauguration of President Roosevelt – The President, members of Surpreme Court and Diplomatic Corpsarriving at the Inaugural stand, Washington.” 

Grade: 8.  Grey curved mount stereoview 1905. Only very slight general wear.

Price: $ 45

Ordering number: USA303



View: H.C. White Co. from New York. View says below right: “8042. President’s Escort, Troop A, Inauguration of McKinley, 1901.”

Grade: 8. Grey curved mount stereoviw 1901. Only slight general wear.

Price: $ 25

Ordering number: USA304



View: D.W. Butterfield from Boston. No description. People having a good time on a boat trip.

Grade: 7.  Flat light green mount view. Right image is somewhat faded.

Price: $ 25

Ordering number: USA305



View: Kilburn Brothers from Littleton NH. View says below right: “510. Boating on Lake Winnipeseogee”. This is now called Lake Winnipesaukee, in Central New Hampshire, USA.

Grade: 7. Yellow/cream flat mount stereoview 1860’s. Slight general wear.

Price: $ 20

Ordering number: USA306



View: Unknown photographer. Looks like an early Kilburn or other Littleton photographer’s view, but there’s no indication at all. Great family shot and definitely an American home. The oldest son is obviously the head of the lawnmower department.

Grade: 8. Yellow flat mount view 1870’s. Nice view with only slight general wear.

Price: $ 16

Ordering number: USA307


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